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Cricket Without Borders plays a “fresh” brand of cricket which is all about developing the individual skills of its players, and the women’s game as a whole.

The CWOB way of play allows for a free flowing game as girls are encouraged to play their shots and try new skills. The purpose of any game is always about developing the players’ cricket first and foremost, without an eye on the scoreboard. Competitiveness is not lost, however, in this format: if you take away the “fear” of the win/lose scenario, the scoreboard will take care of itself.

The winner in this format is always the game itself. CWOB values respect for the game, respect for the players, and respect for the umpires and officials as paramount. Once these are taken as given, the enjoyment of a good contest is what it is all about. The wonderful thing about cricket is that it is not all about being on the field. Friendships and fun can be had while waiting to bat or running the drinks—CWOB girls always take the opportunity to talk and make friends with the opposition team. This is the way friendships are forged and opportunities are grasped.

CWOB style is young, fresh, dynamic and feminine. The aim is always personal best.


CWOB receives no funding from Cricket Australia or Cricket Victoria and relies upon local fundraising activities , small sponsorship support and the girls involved in the CWOB program are in the main self funded through their own families or individual fundraising efforts.

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