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Making Waves in the Asia Pacific Area.

Posted by Yvette Hollings on July 2, 2016

On a crisp autumn morning in Port Melbourne, fifteen young women drawn from across Victoria are training under the watchful eye of their head coach, former Victorian leg spinner Bryce McGain.

“Keep it going, and call the name of the person you’re throwing to.” The Cricket Without Borders 2016 squad is preparing for a tour to Samoa in July, where they’ll play against three national women’s teams. Half the girls have experienced a previous tour – to Fiji, Japan, Darwin or Indonesia; the rest are eager to undertake their first.

Without exception, the young women are all here because they believe wholeheartedly in the organisation’s philosophy: “Be bold; show sportsmanship; have fun; make friends”. Clare Cannon, Founder and Chair of the organisation, explains that there’s much more to being part of the Cricket Without Borders squad than what happens on the field.

“We choose the girls who tour with us for their character,” says Clare. “We can improve their cricket skills, but commitment to the way we play comes first.”

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